Walking, Waking Anxiety

She rubs the underside of her fingers across the top of her hand. Her hands are in constant motion. They move nervously around themselves, tapping and scratching, grasping it seems for comforting reassurance. Her eyes are drawn off and focused elsewhere in the room. She is unaware of her fidgeting fingers. Her nervous energy transfers to a quest for food. She plunders the pantry and browses the contents of the refrigerator.


Jordan, the Worrier

She’s a little nervous. She has a full week ahead. On Monday, she returns for chemotherapy. Then, Tuesday she goes in for a new MRI scan. Wednesday, it’s a full evaluation from her neurooncologist. All in all, she’ll be spending a lot of time at Children’s Hospital. I have previously written about her growing maturity and sense of wellness. January will mark the sixth year of her journey. In six years, any child will change a lot.