MRI Day We’re relieved. Though the radiologist has not delivered the report yet, Jordan’s oncologist has completed a preliminary review of the scans and reports that she is continuing to make progress. From his read, it appears her condition is stable, which is much better than we feared. Jordan’s persistent headaches, back aches and nausea worried us. We were all expecting that the tumor might have won this battle. But it seems Jordan is still kicking its butt … or at least holding the battle line.


Jordan, the Worrier

She’s a little nervous. She has a full week ahead. On Monday, she returns for chemotherapy. Then, Tuesday she goes in for a new MRI scan. Wednesday, it’s a full evaluation from her neurooncologist. All in all, she’ll be spending a lot of time at Children’s Hospital. I have previously written about her growing maturity and sense of wellness. January will mark the sixth year of her journey. In six years, any child will change a lot.