Our January Photographer of the Month: Jordan Vincent

pabloveshutterbugs: Photo by Jordan Vincent Title: Gracie Staring Tuesday, January 15, 2013, Santa Monica, CA Jordan Vincentis a photographer, a Pablove Shutterbug alumni, and a cancer slayer. She lives in Los Angeles.

Why we love it when Jordan gets to go to camp. Look at how happy she is!

20120705_D300_JordanHaircut_01on Flickr. Via Flickr: Jordan paid a visit to her friends at the Christophe Salon in Beverly Hills … and she came back with this fabulous do!

War Paint

It was a magical day. Not because a portfolio session was underway, nor because Jordan looked so beautiful. It was magical because there was so much love. This day was designed for Jordan to feel beautiful. It was meant to reconnect her with her amazing strength. And it was intended to remind her that she was not alone. It achieved all three objectives. Honestly, this is not my best photographic work.


Breakfast with Jordan

Jordan recounts a story over eggs and fruit. She’s wired just like me. It’s wonderful! This weekend we bunked in the same room. Jeanette and Jordan slept in one bed, I slept in the other…with the dog. I would wake up first, just as the sun was rising. I’d smack my lips a bit, roll over and rub my eyes. As they came into focus, I’d look over at the other bed.