National Day of Listening

Jordan and I decided to participate in Story Corps’ National Day of Listening, which will take place on Friday, November 28th. Though the audio is not the best, you can hear summarys in our latest podcast.

In her shoes

We are introducing a new segment for our podcast – In her shoes – a chance for Jordan to talk more about her experiences with cancer. This week Jordan talks to me about what it’s like to go in for chemotherapy.

Jordan’s Podcast, Episode 4

Jordan takes a break from school and play to record another podcast. This time she talks with her brother about his trip to Yosemite and his claymation work.

Jordan’s Podcast, Episode 3

Jordan’s been begging to lay down a new podcast, so without further ado … here it is.

Jordan’s Podcast, Episode 2

Jordan discusses annoying brothers and the joy of birthdays while Lucas gives a movie review.