It has been nearly three years since Jordan last endured chemotherapy. And we are very grateful to be done with weekly trips to the clinic, watching Jordan’s blood counts, and comforting her when the medicine knocked her out or made her sick.

We started 2015 as our third year of “stability.” There is still a tumor in there, but it is stable, meaning that though it is hard to tell if it is active, it is certainly not growing rapidly and it poses less of a threat to Jordan’s health.

But in many ways these past three years have been very difficult for all of us. I was tempted to title this article “aftermath” in reference to the journey that happens after the battle with cancer. But in our case, we’re not really certain the battle with cancer is over. It’s an interregnum. Perhaps a better way to think of this journey is that we’ve turned off the main drag and strolled down some alleys. Some of them dark, others merely curious.