Little Buddy

As Jordan’s health continues to improve on many fronts, it is time to say goodbye to a medical device that was placed in her body over a decade ago.

By Choice

For most of us New Year’s resolutions are fleeting. This week Jordan followed through on hers when she underwent surgery to strengthen her feet and her capacity to walk on her own. Her resolve holds a lesson for us all.

The Next Hill

We had to push the cart uphill. The nearest handicap space at our local market sat atop a slight incline. As we approached it, I asked Jordan if she wanted me to take over.

“No, Dad. I can do it,” she said.

And she did.



**The Journey in Photographs: Images from the first 48 hours** Strictly speaking, I don’t believe in magic. Oh, I like to watch a good sleight of hand, and I’ve been known to label scientific progress as “magical” a time or two, but I’m one of those guys who believes every unexplained phenomenon can be logically explained somehow. I can’t explain Jordan’s progress. It is everything we could have hoped for and more.