the journey

The Nourishing Pint

People who know me know that I rarely refuse a good pint. This week, our family could not refuse the offer to give Jordan a pint of blood. Her counts had dipped on several fronts, so it was time to give her a boost. And boy did it ever! She has been bubbly all weekend, smiling and hanging out. She hasn’t been napping all day like last week. Instead, she’s chatty and alert.


Jordan went in for an MRI today. It’s the usual process we go through every 3 months. Our nerves are prickly. We expect the worst and hope for the best. Today, we heard that not much has changed. We shouldn’t be more worried because nothing’s worse. And … we have very little to cheer us because there’s no sign of progress, either. Jordan handled it the way she always does. She got it done.



Pills. In the morning. In the afternoon. In the night. Pills with chocolate milk, cranberry juice, mango guava cherry soda. Oval, diamond, perfect circle, All on a tea plate (because she deserves that dignity). Pills to combat the defiant nerves, Pills to soothe the coward stomach, Pills to attack the damned cancer, Pills to stave off the hungry seizures. The pills render their bill on the hour. They wait like midwives.


Warm Wishes

At this holiday time of year, our whole family is grateful for all the love and support we receive. I’m often asked how it is that we’re so strong. My first response is to say that we draw all our strength from “the girl.” The truth is more complicated. Jordan guides us and gives us the energy to be optimistic and brave. But we don’t travel on this journey alone, and we would be lost without the constant kindness of people we’ve known forever and strangers we’ve only just met.


Shopping Portraits

We went shopping tonight and The Slayer enjoyed a night out.